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Shares Scheme

Every member is expected to subscribe to minimum of 50,000 (fifty thousand) units of shares valued at N2.00 (two naira only) each.

  • No member can hold more than 10% of the total shares of the society.
  • Shares subscribed to must be fully paid within a period of one year from the time of joining.
  • Shares can only be transferred with the consent of the management.
  • Withdrawal from shares is subject to maximum of 5% per annum for all members.

Regular Savings Scheme

Regular savings allows members to make monthly savings into general pool and the scheme is subject to the following terms and conditions:-

  • Every member must make a compulsory monthly contribution to be known as regular savings
  • Regular savings allow members access to obtain loan amount of up to twice of consistent savings for 6 months minimum.

Home Ownership Savings

Members who are interested in ownership of home should make a monthly contribution of not less than x amount on a monthly basis towards the ownership of homes. The following categories of house types and minimum contribution are available.

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